Community Creator Application
This application is for those that have an audience and play TRA2 regularly. If you upload TRA2 content regularly and want to expand your audience base, we can host your content here. Our requirements:
  1. Your social media channels must adhere to our rules found at #rules-and-info.
  2. Your videos must be original work and is recommended to be original gameplay or content. We expect your produced content to include some TRA2 videos every month. Your TRA2 videos should also include a link to this discord server.
  3. Your channels must not be inactive for more than 3 months at a time. If you submit channels that are 3 months inactive, your submission will be thrown out. If you are an existing Content Creator and will be inactive for longer than 3 months, please reach out to a Mark of Server Mod.
When submitting your application for review, please fill out the form accurately and precisely. Submissions that do not adhere to the above will be thrown out with or without a reason.
Your Discord name:
Your TRA2 IGN:
Your channel link:
Your subscriber/follower count:
Your average upload schedule:
Your channel's vision:
Your goal(s) when making content:
Anything else that will support your application that we should be aware of:
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