Punishment Appeal
This form is for those that are for those community members attempting to appeal a recent punishment received while in the TRA2 community. This is a serious application and should be treated as such. Please read through the following requirements for a valid form:
  1. Must have been a punishment received within the last 90 days from the time it was received and recorded in our systems.
  2. Must have not received a ban prior to your first ban if one was received.
  3. Must not be an unappealable punishment (IE a permanent ban).
If you think that your situation fits the above, please fill out the form accurately and precisely. Submissions that do not adhere to the above will be thrown out with or without a reason.
Your Discord name:
Your TRA2 IGN:
Punishment ID:
What reasons do you believe that your appeal should be accepted?
What evidence can you provide to give context and a better standing for yourself?
Going forward, what changes do you plan to implement for yourself to correct your previous wrongs?
Is there anything else that will support your submission that we should be aware of?
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